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March 2017

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Lucky Dill

    When J. first moved to Tampa several years ago, I still lived in Orlando. Whenever I’d come to visit, we’d try somewhere local and new to explore the area. One of…

  • Recipes Sweet Treats

    Dark Chocolate Guinness Bread

    I just couldn’t leave for vacation without sharing one last St. Patrick’s Day recipe! I love to bake and I don’t do it nearly often enough. I’d been flipping through some…

  • Recipes


    Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Coming from an Irish family, I love St. Patrick’s Day. This year I’m heading to Belize for one of my best friend’s weddings over the…

  • Recipes

    Parmesan Risotto

    A few months ago, J. had some delicious homemade risotto at Casa Cosenza. Then on our honeymoon, J. and I had some amazing saffron and pumpkin risotto in Milan. It was…

  • Recipes

    Sriracha Honey Wings

    When it comes to wings, J. loves them hot while I prefer milder sweet flavors (with a tang) like sweet thai chili or BBQ.  We’ve both been craving wings lately and I…

  • Recipes

    Jerk Chicken Tacos

    Salsas, whether fruit or veggie based, are a great way to add some extra easy flavors to your protein. One of my favorite recipes, my mahi and avocado salsa,  has become…