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June 2017

  • Cheers! Vino

    Sophora Sparkling Rose

    J. and I went to Flemings a few weeks ago for their Brunch and Bubbles brunch event. We had beautiful courses paired with different sparkling wines meant to complement and bring…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Salt Rock Tavern

    J. works in the same plaza where Rumba Island Grill and Salt Rock Tavern are over in Oldsmar, so we have been big fans since it first opened a few years…

  • Recipes

    Chicken Flatbread

    Sometimes the best recipes just fall together randomly. J. and I were walking around Publix doing our weekly grocery shopping and trying to determine what we wanted for dinner. We saw…

  • Recipes

    Chicken Enchiladas

    J. and I eat a lot of tacos at home. Probably at least every other week it’s a go-to meal because they’re easy, can offer a lot of variety of flavors…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    The Pint and Brew

    The Pint and Brew is a great local pub tucked away in a small shopping plaza in Palm Harbor. But don’t let this little place fool you – their beers and…

  • Recipes

    Fettuccine Alfredo

    While not known as a classic pasta dish in Italy, fettuccine alfredo is an American favorite (read more about the history of alfredo sauce¬†here). You can search the internet and find…