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    Coconut Macaroons

    For the past few years, for any special occasion (birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day) J. has gotten his mom some chocolate dipped macaroons from Godiva. They are her absolute favorite treat. This past Mother’s…

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    Pecan Pie

    A couple weeks ago it was time for J.’s company annual pie contest. After coming in 3rd last year, I was out for some major redemption. I’ve stuck with fruit pies…

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    Dark Chocolate Guinness Bread

    I just couldn’t leave for vacation without sharing one last St. Patrick’s Day recipe! I love to bake and I don’t do it nearly often enough. I’d been flipping through some…

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    Apple Praline Pie

    Last Friday, my office had a pie contest in celebration of Thanksgiving. Having just gotten a beautiful Kitchenaid stand mixer at my bridal shower, I was so excited to try out…

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    Raspberry Custard Pie

    Last week, J.’s company hosted their annual pie making competition. Fun right?! It’s always a fun day and I love trying out new baking recipes to enter into the contest. I…

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    Pound Cake

    I don’t bake often, but when I do, I forget how much I really enjoy it. With cooking, I have become more and more intuitive with it and can “wing it”…